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Testimonials from real Dental Health Services dentists.

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Dr. David Abri

Dental Health Services is the best managed care plan in California, their compensation is competitive and comparable to most traditional plans out their but most of all their commitment to customer service and quality is refreshing"

Sherry, Office Manager - Sherry, Office Manager

Dental Health Services capitation plans are very efficient and easy to use! Fee schedules with patient’s copays can easy be entered into your dental office software. It’s also a great way to add new patients for a growing practice.

Heather Fox - Bella Smiles

Working with Dental Health Services has been great! The staff is always going above and beyond to help me with any problems our office has. They are very helpful when it comes to claims and stepping in for one another if our direct contact is tied up. I thank Dental Health Services very much for all the hard work they do for our office.

Barbara, Dental Office Receptionist - Barbara, Dental Office Receptionist

SmartSmile plans work well for our patients without insurance. Patients are very appreciative of the plans and the reasonable cost. These plans have been very beneficial to our practice.

Camille Moore

I have been working with Dental Health Service s for the past 5 years with Palm Desert Dental Center. During this time we have excellent provider relations. They have always made every effort to help out in patient treatment services. They are the perfect liaison between Practice and Patients. In addition to offering excellent provider services they have a great product for the patient's insurance needs. I would recommend Dental Health Services to any of my patients and colleagues in the dental field.

Dr. Christy Thai - Dr. Christy Thai

Dental Health Services has helped my practice get more new patients. The best part of the insurance is the ability to pick the plan you want to accept. Also, Dental Health Services offers reimbursement on dental procedures. It also helps that their customer service department is very helpful.